Darts Scores is your best pal when playing games. The game controller is loved by it's thousands of users and provides you with all the tools to keep track of your game in an intuitive way. It shows you the current stand of the game, how many sets and legs are still to be played and even allows you to view game statystics before the game is even finished!

Games can be played in several ways. When you feel like a quick game, the game provides defaulf players and settings to get you started in one tap. If you want to customize your game, Dart Scores allows you to do so in numerous ways. You can play 301, 501, 701 games with any amount of sets. Cricket games are also fully supported

For those who really take their darts seriously, the Game Extender Upgrade boosts the usability of the app. It allows you to play single games with up to 6 players rather than two, and adds the possibility to select an amount of legs in addition to sets. the 1001 game type is added, and you can even play 01 games alone against the computer player, BullBot. Finally, it adds the possibility to play cricket games in your tournaments.

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